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Health and Life Sciences

Facts & Figures

£1.25bn pharmaceutical manufacturing contributes to North East economy
200,000+ work in healthcare, biopharma & medtech

As global health services and markets are changing and being shaped by rapid development of healthcare technologies – resulting in more personalised treatments and the need to respond to the health and social care implications of an ageing population – the North East offers a unique environment for innovation in health and life sciences and medicines manufacturing.

Across the North East area, health and social care services are commissioned and delivered through seven Local Authorities, seven Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and nine NHS Foundation Trusts (FTs) - six acute trusts, two mental health trusts and one ambulance service.

A wide range of skills and experiences are valuable to healthcare and organisations like the NHS and you are bound to have some skills that you could use in a career in health. Get help identifying your transferable skills from the NHS career planning here:

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Explore the 350 different careers available within the NHS or try their quiz to find your ideal health career

Health Careers NHS shows you all the roles you can explore in Life Sciences

The BioIndustry Association is the trade association for innovative life sciences in the UK and they have produced a great guide including how to enter a career in biopharmaceutical manufacturing

Local Health & Life Sciences Jobs

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These are some of the companies in the North East in health & life sciences 

Local Health and Life Sciences Apprenticeships

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Local Health and Life Sciences Learning Opportunities

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